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Yesterday, we started a discussion that had to be cut short for time’s sake, but of which I promised to talk again.

If you guys remember well, after seeing a TV add about an astronaut carrying a duffel bag that seemed to have no weight, the question, “Do you believe man has ever gone to the moon?” was posed. Some of you guys said to never have given a thought to the matter, or to not care about it a lot – or at all. Nevertheless, here I bring some food for thought so that we can practice the language as well as acquire new vocabulary.

In 1959, under the shield of the so called Cold War, the URRS sent the Luna2, the first man-made object to reach (or to crash onto) the surface of the moon; in 1962, Unitedstatesans (meaning “a North American who lives or was born in the United States”) duplicated the feat with the Ranger 4. From that time on many spacecrafts have been sent to the moon to crash onto its surface, the last one on March 1st , 2009, in a Chinese experiment.

But it was not as late as 1962 that man could go out and orbit the planet. Yuri Gagarin, soviet cosmonaut, was the first man to see the Earth from the outer space. He became famous for both his historical feat and the quotation “I looked all around me, but I didn’t see God”.

Now, it was a matter of honor for the Statesans. If the Soviets had technology enough to send a man to travel around the Globe from outside the planet, America had to do something even more astonishing.

That’s why on the 21st of June of 1969, two Astronauts sent by the USA set foot on the moon. They were Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, who got down from the lunar lander proclaiming the enthusiastic remark, “Its only a small step for me, but a giant leap for mankind”.

Nonetheless, in spite of all the fuss, excitement and advances in technology  the space exploration plans and conquests (?) generated, some people, maybe billions of them, are prone to disregard every piece of evidence on the matter and deem history books and TV images as cut and dried bullshit.

Among detractors is Bill Kaysing, the former head of technical publications for Rocketdyne, the research department that was the engine contractor for the Apollo project, and writer of a book aptly titled "We Never Went To The Moon".  According to Kaysing, man never went to the moon, not on Apollo 11, nor on any of the five other subsequent missions. To him, it was a hoax to show that nobody, especially the Soviets, could hold a candle to the United States.

But come to think of it, would a country spend around 25 billion dollars on faked six moon landings? How about the hundreds of employees in the know? How could NASA shut them up? Why did the Soviets never do anything to show the world it was phony?

On the other hand, why did the astronauts never comment on the stars, nor did they ever bring any pictures of the stars? Why didn’t the lunar landing engine – which emitted roughly 10,000 pounds of thrust – throw the sand, the dust, and the rocks up in the air? Why aren’t the shadows of the astronauts, the lander and the flag parallel if NASA says no artificial lighting was used on the moon? How come they send manned flight after manned flight just two years short of a horrendous accident that killed three astronauts on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral after having stated that the feasibility of a success mission would be as good as .0017 percent? And most of all, how come the enthusiast Armstrong, who said that his setting foot on the moon was a giant leap for mankind, start refusing to talk about it as “just part of his past”?

What information do you have on it? What personal opinion do you have? Would the mighty USA be as low as to deceive the whole entire planet not to lag behind the Soviets? And, if proved right, would man’s never landing on the moon be of any consequences to life or the way we see official history? 

Here you'll have an interesting film on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo5w0pm24ic&feature=related

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Reni Cruz disse...

It's a complex subject. In fact I thought the USA was the first country that had a sucess lunar mission.
I knew about this competition between URSS and USA, in the Cold War they wanted to be one step ahead and put their man on the moon for the first time was a chance to prove themselves. A way to say " I'm better than you".
I don't think anyone went to moon in 1962. It was just to publicity and to show power.
Now I'm in doubt if a astronaut really put his foot on the moon, but with the high tecnology that our genaration have, in some moment in the history it happened.

Márcio Walter Machado disse...

Another question comes to mind: If the USA was capable of faking that, how much of the recent world history is to be trusted?

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